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2018-11-16joedoe47 (D7D9DC93B1538725)ab1cce1added permalinking. templete uses variables to change based on URL you develop on. adjusted how posts are shown on index page.
2018-10-21joedoe47 (D7D9DC93B1538725)1bc7b08removed arbitrary empty "file.exe" and fixed "assets" folder
2018-10-06joedoe47 (D7D9DC93B1538725)7156f25auto sync on Sat Oct 6 05:50:35 UTC 2018
2018-10-03joedoe47 (D7D9DC93B1538725)6453384release 2.0
2018-09-29joedoe47 (D7D9DC93B1538725)a48369dchanged name of repo, reviewed regex, and looking into other frame works
2018-09-25joedoe47 (D7D9DC93B1538725)c0b7cc7auto sync on Wed Sep 26 02:31:07 UTC 2018
2018-09-25joedoe47 ()0fff895auto sync on Wed Sep 26 02:29:54 UTC 2018
2018-09-25joedoe47 (D7D9DC93B1538725)69d7da8rebase

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I like how mksite use built in commands, here is a mirror , but it was lacking in my opinion and I loved how fast and how plug in rich hugo is so I tried mixing the two a little.

It has more dependencies than mksite, bashblog, rigid, etc. but it a lot faster than all of them.


You are going to want to try this out if:

plug ins:

It has a basic assortment of plugs in right now with some more I plan to add

but I plan to implement a comment section as per this intersting blog post. I like this especially because it provides the choice of using either github or gitea as a commenting provider for hugo. By the time I release this, I will be looking into how to accomplish this exactly.

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